Currently, Corey Rockafeler is the President of Vaalk Media Group and Managing Director and small business financing expert at Bell Funding Solutions in New York City. Some of the city’s top businesses regard him as their first choice when it comes to securing growth and expansion capital. As a passionate client-first advocate, he offers one-stop shopping for small business financing. His custom solutions include everything from multi-year terms, real estate-based loans, business lines of credit, asset and collateral based loans,SBA loans, to SBA bridge loans. When asked about his key to success, Corey Rockafeler stated, “It’s all about passion, I truly love what I do.” He added, “I learned very early, if you take care of your clients, they will take care of you. In today’s world of immediacy and instant gratification, I tell clients I want to gain their trust and confidence the old fashioned way-I want to earn it.”